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“The World of Edomae Sushi”June⑤Ayu (Sweetfish)

Ayu (Sweetfish) As fresh as fruits River fish is difficult to keep fresh and not for eating raw, as it is rarely seen in Edomae sushi. “Ayu”, however, is an exception. As drawn in some works of early Meiji era, ayu must have been used since the Edo period. “Nowadays it may be difficult to […]

Posted 2018/07/24
“The World of Edomae Sushi”June④Anago (Sea Eel)

Anago (Sea Eel) “Nijiru” is the essence of anago “Anago” (sea eel) represents the “simmering” technique of Edomae. In the areas west of Kansai, anago is usually grilled and it is the unique style of Edomae sushi to serve simmered anago brushed with “nitsume,” thick sweet sauce made from the simmering broth. This is why […]

Posted 2018/07/24
“The World of Edomae Sushi”June③Kurumaebi (Japanese Tiger Prawn)

Kurumaebi (Japanese Tiger Prawn) Wild prawns of summer Boiled “kurumaebi” (Japanese tiger prawn) is one of the classics you cannot leave out in Edomae sushi. Boiling is not only for preservation but also adding heat changes the color into beautiful red and increases sweetness. Farmed kurumaebi is good enough now that farming techniques have greatly […]

Posted 2018/07/10
“The World of Edomae Sushi”June②Hoshigarei (Spotted Halibut)

Hoshigarei (Spotted Halibut) Feel the taste in your throat “Hoshigarei” (spotted halibut) is a white meat fish that represents summer Edomae sushi. “Hoshi” means “star” in Japanese for which the name of the fish comes from the round spots on dorsal and tail fin that looks like stars. Hoshigarei is said to be the most […]

Posted 2018/07/10
“The World of Edomae Sushi”June①Awabi (Abalone)

Awabi (Abalone) Number one awabi from Boshu “Awabi” (abalone) is one of the most valuable food sources you may see in the main dishes of Chinese or French cuisine not to mention Japanese. Those caught in Japan are especially known to be delicious and highly valued around the world. Ise-Shima, Izu, and Wajima bordered by […]

Posted 2018/07/10
“The World of Edomae Sushi”June, Featuring Sushi Hisaichi,Asakusa

Sushi Hisaichi,Asakusa A great sushi restaurant only real sushi lovers know, serves the finest nigiri sushi in “Oku-Asakusa” a popular area in Tokyo where fancy cafés and restaurants gather. Mr. Deguchi Ichiro, the master and a true artisan trained at the famous “Kyubei” in Ginza for 17 years, is a genuine “edokko” (Tokyoite) born and […]

Posted 2018/07/10