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SUSHI TERMS (10/04/2018)

NEW〈Agari〉 Hot green tea served at sushi restaurants. Generally powder tea left from the production of “sencha” (ordinary green leaf tea) is used instead of high quality leaf tea because liters need to be prepared quickly.   〈Okomomi〉 A style of serving sushi, neither “omakase” (up to the chef style) nor “okimari” (fixed set), in […]

Posted 2018/10/04
“The World of Edomae Sushi”August⑥Maguro (Tuna)

Maguro (Tuna) Sweet fat and rich meat at once Mr. Masayasu Watanabe, the master of Sushi Watanabe at Arakicho in Yotusya, has selected “setoro” from Funkawan(Volcano Bay), Hokkaido as the maguro of the month. “Setoro” is “chutoro” (medium fatty tuna) located under the dorsal fin of maguro. It is the very precious part where you […]

Posted 2018/09/24
“The World of Edomae Sushi”August⑤Iwashi (Sardine)

Iwashi (Sardine) A little extra work for the best taste “Iwashi” (sardine) used to be a very low price, common fish for Japanese. However, as the catch declines drastically in these 20 years, iwashi has now become one of the precious kinds. “Maiwashi” (Japanese sardine) is good for sushi or sashimi. Those larger than 20cm […]

Posted 2018/09/24
“The World of Edomae Sushi”August④Four kinds of uni (Sea urchin)

Four kinds of uni (Sea urchin) A selection of uni from around Japan Sushi Watanabe at Arakicho, Yotsuya is known for serving four kinds of “uni” (sea urchin) from all different areas in a little rice bowl. In summer, when uni fishery is at its peak, many uni lovers gather here. “You might think uni […]

Posted 2018/09/24
“The World of Edomae Sushi”August③Kijihata (Red spotted grouper)

Kijihata (Red spotted grouper) Main fish of kaiseki cuisine “Kijihata” (red spotted grouper) is a small-sized grouper caught in the Seto Inland Sea and the Sea of Japan, not very familiar in the Kanto area but valued in Kansai. In Kyoto and Osaka, kijihata has a different name “akou” and equally valued as the precious […]

Posted 2018/09/09
“The World of Edomae Sushi”August②Kisu (Whiting)

Kisu (Whiting) Refreshing aroma like summer sea breeze “Kisu” (whiting) is a general term for fish in the Sillaginidae family of the order Percifomes. There are several kinds caught in the coast of Japan such as “hoshi-gisu” (trumpeter whiting) or “ao-gisu” (small scale whiting) but when they say kisu in Edomae sushi it indicates “shiro-gisu” […]

Posted 2018/09/09