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The World of Edomae Sushi” About Sushi in October

This month, in the midst of the fall, sea temperature declines and the autumn fish completely takes over the summer fish. As for white fish, “amadai” (tilefish) becomes nice and fatty to take the place of “shima-aji” (striped jack) while “saba” (mackerel) and “kamasu” (barracuda) become more delicious than “aji” (horse mackerel) and “iwashi” (sardine). […]

Posted 2018/11/07
The World of Edomae Sushi” About Sushi in September

September is the prime season for “ikura” (salmon roe). In Edomae sushi, fresh ikura is more common than ikura salted and cured for preservation. Fresh ikura appears in August but the best season is from September to October when the size of the egg grows larger. Another delight available only at the beginning of autumn […]

Posted 2018/10/09
“The World of Edomae Sushi”September, Featuring Sushi RINDA,Meguro

Sushi RINDA,Meguro One of the new wave of sushi restaurants with tradition and creativity. Mr. Yuta Kono, the young master in his thirties, has great technique with the knifes and has 3 years of experience in New York. Adress  Image Studio 109 1F,2-24-12 Shimomeguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo Japan Tel 03-6420-3343 Open 18:00~23:00 regular holiday Sunday ,The 1st & 3rd Monday […]

Posted 2018/10/05
“The World of Edomae Sushi” About Sushi in August

August is when fish that live in the warm seas of subtropical and temperate zones, such as “shima-aji” (striped jack), “hiramasa” (yellowtail amberjack), “kanpachi” (greater amberjack) become very delicious. Especially non-farmed shima-aji is highly valued, storing rich nutrients before the spawning season, often said to be the best of summer white fish. “Shinko” (baby konoshiro […]

Posted 2018/09/09
“The World of Edomae Sushi”August, Featuring Sushi Watanabe,Yotsuya-Arakicho

Sushi Watanabe,Yotsuya-Arakicho Top class popular sushi restaurant in Yotsuya, Arakicho, one of the very competitive areas for fine sushi restaurants. The master, Mr. Masayasu Watanabe, has training experience at a traditional Japanese restaurant in Kyoto. His exceptional knife technique, great sense, and the best quality ingredients the master looks for himself all around Japan go […]

Posted 2018/09/07
“The World of Edomae Sushi” About Sushi in July

In the height of summer, July, sea urchins and abalones feeding on seaweeds are very delicious. Especially it is the peek harvesting season for “ezo-bafun uni” (short-spined sea urchin) and “kita-murasaki uni” (northern sea urchin) at Rishiri Island in Hokkaido famous for the best sea urchins. “Hikarimono” (all kinds of shiny blue-backed fish) is also […]

Posted 2018/08/09