“The World of Edomae Sushi”December⑤Nodoguro (Rosy seabass)

Nodoguro (Rosy seabass)

Adding the smoky aroma of straw

“Nodoguro”, meaning black throat, is the nickname used in Hokuriku and Sanin area, the coast of the Sea of Japan, and the official name is “akamutsu” (rosy seabass). However, the name nodoguro became more familiar nationwide as the fish often appeared in the media as “the delicacy of the Sea of Japan”.

“Nodoguro is very delicious but must be fresh and not too fatty, or otherwise could smell fishy. This year they are fatty but firm and evenly in good shape. Very high quality in these few years.”

At Sushi Nanba, the side with the skin is seared with flame from straw to get rid of extra fat and add a deep smoky flavor.

“It is important not to grill too much for the soft texture. Also, we prepare two types of sushi rice depending on the kind of fish, white sushi rice flavored with rice vinegar and red sushi rice using red vinegar. Red sushi rice has stronger flavor and matches nodoguro.”

The sweet fat of nodoguro and the savor of red sushi rice unite in the mouth and leave you speechless with the profound taste.