“The World of Edomae Sushi”December③Kihada maguro (yellowfin tuna)

Kihada maguro (yellowfin tuna)

Smooth texture and excellent aroma

“Kihada-maguro” (yellowfin tuna) is a middle-sized tuna, grows only up to about 2 meters and contains less fat compared to “hon-maguro” (bluefin tuna) or “minami-maguro” (southern bluefin tuna). The light taste is more popular in Kansai than in Tokyo and barely seen in Edomae style restaurants.

“A maguro broker recommended me to try kihada and I found out kihada is very attractive in a way different from hon-maguro. Soft meat, light but rich taste. Red meat, especially, has excellent aroma.”

A bite of nigiri and you would be surprised at the smooth texture and the gorgeous aroma. Not so much fat but elegant sweetness you could eat one after another.