“The World of Edomae Sushi”About Sushi in December

In December “hon-maguro” (bluefin tuna), the king of Edomae sushi, become superbly delicious. Especially the taste and aroma of hon-maguro feeding on “surumeika” (Japanese flying squid) in the Tsugaru Strait could not be more delicious with high quality fat.

“Nodoguro” (rosy seabass) and “sawara” (Spanish mackerel) are also very delicious. Nodoguro from the Sea of Japan contains much fat with richer taste, and sawara becomes larger to be called “kan-zawara” meaning the “winter sawara”.

There are also a wide variety of shellfish in December. The classic “akagai” (ark shell), “tairagai” (Japanese pen shell), “mirugai” (horse clam), “hokkigai” (surf clam), and “tsubugai” (whelk), are all in season. Not to forget oysters become bigger and sweeter.