“The World of Edomae Sushi”About Sushi in November

There are a wide variety of sushi ingredients in November when you can enjoy both autumn and winter fish. “Akagai” (ark shell) and “mirugai” (horse clam) begin to appear on sushi menus and it is the best season for “hirame” (sole). Large fish such as “kue” (longtooth grouper) and “hata” (grouper) become nice and fatty. Above all, “hirasuzuki” (blackfin seabass) is said to be the most delicious fish during this season. It has top-class taste and sweet fat among white fish, although you are lucky if you ever have a chance to taste it since the catch is so small that has become a “phantom fish”.

Also, the fishing season for the popular “zuwaigani” (snow crab) starts in the Sea of Japan at the beginning of November. There are only a few traditional Edomae sushi restaurants that serve zuwaigani as nigiri sushi but more chefs of younger generation serve them as small side dish to enjoy with sake.