“The World of Edomae Sushi”October③Hamaguri (Hard clam)

Hamaguri (Hard clam)

The overflowing savor

“Hamaguri” (hard clam) is one of the classics of Edomae sushi. Unlike “akagai” (ark shell), hamaguri is not served raw but lightly boiled and flavored with special sauce. The sauce is made with broth from broiling hamaguri.

“Here I add Japanese sake, soy sauce and crystallized brown sugar to the broth and simmer until very thick. The purpose is to condense the rich flavor of hamaguri that poured out by boiling and returning it back again.”

Carefully undercooked hamaguri is very soft and amazingly juicy. It is the traditional Edomae style to brush on sauce called “nitsume” made with broth from simmering “anago” (sea eel).

The essence of hamaguri overflows and as the two different tastes of hamaguri and anago combine, it feels as if the flavor expands in the mouth.