“The World of Edomae Sushi”October②Shirakawa (White tilefish)

Shirakawa (White tilefish)

Almost extinct tilefish that shines silvery white

Although commonly called “shirakawa”, the official name is “shiro-amadai” (white tilefish). It is said to be the most delicious among all kinds of “amadai” (tilefish) found in the seas around Japan, shining mysteriously silvery white, very rarely seen at any market. It is known as the most precious amadai and sold at surprisingly high price, even over 100,000 yen for just one shirakawa.

“I just adore shirakawa. It is perfect grilled, steamed, or as fresh sashimi. Best white fish for sushi. So I purchase no matter how high the price.”

Mr. Suzuki says the texture of the meat is completely different between shirakawa and “aka-amadai” (red tilefish) even though they both belong to the same category of amadai.

“Aka-amadai needs to be cured with konbu to take out extra moisture out of the meat but this process is not necessary for shirakawa, the taste enhances by itself with time. So the guests ask me if I have done anything with the fish but the fish is served raw without being cured at all.”

Shirakawa is very unique to enjoy. Usually, you would feel the sweetness of the fat and then the taste of the meat but as for shirakawa both at once. It is so rich and long lasting you would want to ask for good Japanese sake to go with the nigiri.