The World of Edomae Sushi” About Sushi in October

This month, in the midst of the fall, sea temperature declines and the autumn fish completely takes over the summer fish. As for white fish, “amadai” (tilefish) becomes nice and fatty to take the place of “shima-aji” (striped jack) while “saba” (mackerel) and “kamasu” (barracuda) become more delicious than “aji” (horse mackerel) and “iwashi” (sardine). “Shinko” (baby kohada) grows up to be “kohada” (medium-sized konoshiro gizzard shad) and “koika” (baby sumi-ika) to be “sumi-ika” (Japanese spineless cuttlefish).

Finally, the season for “maguro” (tuna) arrives in Ohma and Minmaya in Aomori Prefecture. Summer maguro has light taste while autumn maguro contains much fat with richer taste.

Another precious fish that can only be eaten this season is the “tenjo-buri” meaning “yellowtail from heaven”, special buri that swam up north as far as Shakotan Peninsula in Hokkaido caught by set net. Tenjo-buri carries less fat compared to “kan-buri” (winter yellowtail) and the taste is more elegant.