“The World of Edomae Sushi”September③Sanma (Pacific saury)

Sanma (Pacific saury)

Enjoy the change of taste

“Sanma” (Pacific saury) is a very popular fish considered as the symbol of autumn in Japan although it was not until 20 years ago that it joined sushi ingredients in Edomae sushi, when fresh and delicious sanma became available at fish markets transported by air.

“As for sanma, freshness is all that matters. Fresh sanma is nice and firm, which makes very good nigiri sushi but can be fishy if not.”

Mr. Kono applies grid pattern cuts before making nigiri so the contrast between the silver color of the skin and the red meat stand out.

“I do this style for now but when they become more fatty I would lightly grill the skin and put a little liver on top to give some accent. Here I use sanma from August to October, and it is enjoyable how the taste changes with season.”

In September the balance between the sweetness of the fat and rich flavor of the red meat is outstanding. The scent of scallion and garlic garnished aside stimulates the appetite