“The World of Edomae Sushi”September②Ika-uni (Squid and sea urchin)

Ika-uni (Squid and sea urchin)

Squid and sea urchin, harmony of sweetness

“Ika-uni” is the name created by Mr. Kono, an original nigiri sushi you must have never seen. “Ezo-bafun uni” (short-spined sea urchin) from Rishiri Island in Hokkaido is placed upon “shiro-ika” (swordtip squid).

“It is obvious that ika and uni makes a perfect match but uni melts faster and the taste of ika is left behind when eaten together. So I apply barely visible cuts on the squid for both to dissolve together in the mouth.”

First, Mr. Khono leaves vertical cuts and then horizontal so the piece of ika breaks apart in the mouth and unites with uni.

“The point here is to change the way of the cuts depending on the thickness of ika. Otherwise, it sticks to the hand when making nigiri.”

It is very interesting how two different types of sweetness combine to become completely new taste. A special salt “moshio” made by burning seaweed add depth to the sweetness.