“The World of Edomae Sushi”September①Ikura (Salmon roe)

Ikura (Salmon roe)

Hot water makes them pop

“Ikura” is salmon roe, taken out of membrane sac and separated. It is said the method originally came from Russia in the Taisho period and spread throughout Japan.

Warm water is generally used when removing the sac to prevent the roe from losing its bright red color due to the heat. However, the master of Sushi RINDA at Meguro, Mr. Yuta Kono, uses 75℃ hot water and then washes in cold water.

“I use hot water for the better texture. The temperature of the water is the key, 75℃ is the temperature where the color may turn white at first but returns to its original beautiful color and the taste does not change either.”

Carefully separated and marinated in special mixture for couple days, each ikura eggs pop the second they are in the mouth as savory essence pour out.

“Now is the season when ikura taste so rich like egg yolk, so I try to bring out the best of it.”