The World of Edomae Sushi” About Sushi in September

September is the prime season for “ikura” (salmon roe). In Edomae sushi, fresh ikura is more common than ikura salted and cured for preservation. Fresh ikura appears in August but the best season is from September to October when the size of the egg grows larger.

Another delight available only at the beginning of autumn is “soge”, young “hirame” which size is below 1kg. It may be small but has strong flavor and firm, chewy texture.

As for maguro (tuna), those caught in the seas around Japan still does not contain much fat due to yet higher water temperature. On the other hand, “katsuo” (bonito) moving up north with the black current is in the season. Especially, katsuo caught by trawl fishing in Katsuura in Chiba Prefecture is highly valued among sushi chefs for the excellent balance between the sweetness of the fat and the sour taste of red meat.