“The World of Edomae Sushi”July④Nidako (Simmered Octopus)

Nidako (Simmered Octopus)

Unbelievably soft

There are various kinds of “tako” (octopus) but “madako” (common octopus) and “mizudako” (giant Pacific octopus) are usually used for sushi. As for madako, Akashi in Hyogo Prefecture is very famous and the best season is summer.

“This is madako from Akashi, weighs 2 kilos. Completely different taste and scent compared to those from any other areas.”

Generally at kaiten-zushi (self service sushi where plates with sushi are placed on a rotating conveyor belt) boiled tako is used but in classic Edomae sushi it is simmered.

“Tako needs to be cleaned thoroughly to remove any residue and then simmered in the mixture of soy sauce, sake, and adzuki beans. The temperature and timing is very important so I pay closest attention and never leave the pan while simmering.”

Mr. Kamishiro’s “nidako” (simmered octopus) is unbelievably soft it melts in the mouth. The rich flavor and aroma pours out to cover the tongue in an instant.