“The World of Edomae Sushi”July③Shinko (Baby konoshiro gizzard shad)

Shinko (Baby konoshiro gizzard shad)

Summer delight of Edomae sushi

“Shinko” is baby “kohada” (medium-sidzed konoshiro gizzard shad), the size of which is about a few centimeters. It is the popular summer fish cherished by Tokyoites who love the first catches of each season, appears at the end of June and plays the starring role until around the end of August every year.

“We use shinko for about a month until the end of July. Today I had to put four pieces for each nigiri because each was small but I’d say two bigger ones would be the best.”

The preparation of shinko takes exactly the same steps as bigger kohada. Each shinko of few centimeters is trimmed with knife carefully, one by one, salted, and then vinegared. This process requires a very high technique.

“It takes so much effort to prepare many pieces but I can’t skip every single process for the fans. Every year this season I get phone calls to check if shinko is in.”

The taste of shinko is the same as kohada but the biggest difference is that it melts quickly leaving only the unforgettable savor and fresh scent.