“The World of Edomae Sushi”July②Kinmedai(Splendid alfonsino)

Kinmedai(Splendid alfonsino)

Only the freshest become nigiri sushi

“Kinmedai” (splendid alfonsino) is found at depths of a few hundred meters. In the old days, kinmedai was commonly simmered or dried because fresh amadai was not available. It has only been about twenty years since kinemedai became common in Edomae sushi.

“Kinmedai becomes fishy with time so I use only the freshest caught in Chiba. You can tell the fish is fresh by the firmness of the meat and the clearness of the eyes.”

Mr. Kamishiro dips the fish, only the side with the skin, into boiled water and then leaves in special sauce for a while before making nigiri.

“I use only soy sauce, mirin (sweet cooking sake), and sake for the mixture. I don’t use any kind of stock or broth that may ruin the pure taste of kinmedai. The purpose of putting in boiled water is to soften the skin.”

This specially prepared meat of kinmedai is soft and matches very well with the sushi rice. You would not feel any fishiness but be delighted by the sweetness of the fat that spreads on the tongue.