“The World of Edomae Sushi”July①Aka-amadai(Red tilefish)


Amadai from Wakasa Bay has exceptional scent and taste

“Amadai” (tilefish) is highly valued in the Kanasai area. It is one of the precious and essential ingredients for “kaiseki ryori” (a traditional Japanese multi-course cuisine) in Kyoto and it is said most of the high quality amadai go to Kyoto.

For this reason they are not frequently seen in Edomae sushi restaurants, but the master of Kamakura Izumi ginza, Mr. Kamishiro Mikio, has a special connection for the purchase of the best amadai caught in Wakasa Bay of Fukui Prefecture.

“I think amadai from Wakasa Bay is exceptional in its taste and elegant scent. Especially the amazing scent is far beyond other white fish.”

Mr. Kamishiro sprinkles salt and wraps the fish with konbu for six to seven hours before making nigiri to dehydrate extra water from the flesh.

“In doing so, the fish becomes sweeter and firm.”

Amadai is known for the slightly sweet flavor as the name of the fish literally means “sweet sea bream.” You would feel the sweetness the moment it is in the mouth and the taste become more profound as you chew.