“The World of Edomae Sushi”June⑤Ayu (Sweetfish)

Ayu (Sweetfish)

As fresh as fruits

River fish is difficult to keep fresh and not for eating raw, as it is rarely seen in Edomae sushi. “Ayu”, however, is an exception. As drawn in some works of early Meiji era, ayu must have been used since the Edo period.

“Nowadays it may be difficult to find sushi restaurants that serve ayu sushi but it is one of the classic sushi ingredients so I’d strongly recommend the guests to taste it. It’s delicious!  You can eat the whole fish including the bones, even the head, because it is softened by soaking in the mixture of vinegar and sake for three days.”

Mr. Deguchi uses ayu grown in Takatsu River in Shimane Prefecture famous for the clearness of water, directly sent from the local fishery.

“The most important is freshness. Ayu from Takatsu River has firm flesh and soft skin so it is perfect for our sushi.”

Ayu grew up in clear water tastes so pure like fresh fruit. And yet you can enjoy the slight bitterness of freshwater fish that follows.