“The World of Edomae Sushi”June③Kurumaebi (Japanese Tiger Prawn)

Kurumaebi (Japanese Tiger Prawn)

Wild prawns of summer

Boiled “kurumaebi” (Japanese tiger prawn) is one of the classics you cannot leave out in Edomae sushi. Boiling is not only for preservation but also adding heat changes the color into beautiful red and increases sweetness.

Farmed kurumaebi is good enough now that farming techniques have greatly advanced but “definitely non-farmed ones in summer,” Mr. Deguchi says.

“I use farmed kurumaebi during other seasons but in summer it has to be the non-farmed. The beautiful color when boiled is totally different as well as the taste.”

It is the unique style of Sushi Hisaichi to boil only for 40 seconds to bring out the full sweetness. Instantly the master removes the shell right in front of the guests and makes hot kurumaebi nigiri.

“Kurumaebi is best when eaten a little warmer than human temperature. So I make sure to serve at the best timing.”