“The World of Edomae Sushi”June②Hoshigarei (Spotted Halibut)

Hoshigarei (Spotted Halibut)

Feel the taste in your throat

“Hoshigarei” (spotted halibut) is a white meat fish that represents summer Edomae sushi. “Hoshi” means “star” in Japanese for which the name of the fish comes from the round spots on dorsal and tail fin that looks like stars. Hoshigarei is said to be the most delicious of all the karei caught in Japan but surprisingly high priced at markets for the rarity.

“True they are expensive but the taste is outstanding. So I buy whenever I find good ones at the market. Today I have hoshigarei from Miyagi Prefecture. The meat is thick and fatty.”

Mr. Deguchi sprinkles a pinch of salt before making nigiri sushi to bring out the good taste of the fish.

“The rich flavor is what makes hoshigarei so special. Just a little sprinkle of salt makes a huge difference.”

You might think that the fish tastes a little simple the moment you put in your mouth but you will enjoy the rich taste of hoshigarei when you swallow and it lasts even after it’s gone. This is the reason hoshigarei is so unique and popular.