“The World of Edomae Sushi”June①Awabi (Abalone)

Awabi (Abalone)

Number one awabi from Boshu

“Awabi” (abalone) is one of the most valuable food sources you may see in the main dishes of Chinese or French cuisine not to mention Japanese. Those caught in Japan are especially known to be delicious and highly valued around the world.

Ise-Shima, Izu, and Wajima bordered by the Sea of Japan are known for great awabi but above all Boshu in Chiba Prefecture. The coast of Boso Peninsula is full of seaweed and this makes an ideal environment for the growth of high quality awabi.

Mr. Ichiro Deguchi, the master of Sushi Hisaichi in Asakusa, selected awabi from Boshu.

“From now to summer Boshu awabi is the best. We say ‘they have heights’ meaning the meat is firm and thick. These are very savory, and appetizing when simmered.”

Mr. Deguchi uses special broth to make “niawabi” (simmered awabi) with pressure cooker and then uses for nigiri.

“Ever since I opened my restaurant, I have used the same broth to simmer awabi by adding little by little and taking special care of it. This broth brings out the deeper flavor of awabi.”

Thick sliced awabi is soft but chewy, and savory juice floods in your mouth you just can’t help smiling.