“The World of Edomae Sushi” About Sushi in May

In May, both spring and summer fish are seen in Edomae sushi as the season changes from spring to summer.

White fish such as “makogarei” (marbled sole), “hoshigarei” (spotted halibut), “suzuki (fukko)” (Japanese sea bass) arrives on the scene. Shellfish as “ torigai” (Japanese cockle), “hotate” (scallop), “awabi” (abalone), kinds of squid as “shiro-ika” (swordtip squid) and “aori-ika” (bigfin reef squid) join the line-up of sushi ingredients.

Also in this season there are more catches of “hon-maguro” (bluefin tuna) that moved up north with the Kuroshio Current after spawning. The size may be smaller than those in autumn but big ones over 200 kilos with a lot of fat can be caught.