“The World of Edomae Sushi”April③Shiro-ika (Swordtip Squid)

Shiro-ika (Swordtip Squid)

Three days to bring out the sweetenss

“Shiro-ika” (swordtip fish) is the popular name but the official name is “kensaki-ika.” There are various names depending on the place, for example, “maru-ika” or “daruma-ika.” Mainly caught in Sanin and Kyushu area. The shape is similar to “yari-ika” (spear squid) but thicker and softer as sashimi.

“Shiro-ika has moist flesh and elegant taste, so it is perfect for nigiri. Here I pack them in ice after cleaning and then let rest for three days. This process gives firm texture and brings out sweetness.”

Well-rested shiro-ika is tender but crisp to bite, and its sweetness increases on your tongue as you chew. Furthermore, sour sushi rice enhances the sweetness.