“The World of Edomae Sushi”March⑤Hamaguri(hard clam)

Hamaguri(hard clam)

Bringing out the best taste by “tsukekomi”

“Hamaguri” (hard clam) is a “kigo” (a word associated with a particular season in haiku) for spring. It is a sushi ingredient that represents spring in Edomae sushi as well.

Although it may vary depending on the origin, the spawning season is from April to summer, so the peak season of hamaguri is March right before the spawning season when they are fully nourished.

“They are soft, firm, and have strong taste in March. I use the ‘tsukekomi’ technique to make the best of this strong taste,” says the master.

“Tsukekomi” is one of the traditional Edomae techniques. Mr. Ichijo dips hamaguri in hot water and then leaves them overnight in the condensed liquid made by boiling sugar, soy sauce, sake. This extra work brings out more taste of hamaguri.

Tsukekomi hamaguri is so soft and the savory extract pours out as you chew to make you smile with satisfaction.