“The World of Edomae Sushi”March④Mirugai(horse clam)

Mirugai(horse clam)

Scent of crisp sea breeze tickles your nose

“Mirugai” (horse clam) is a species of bivalves similar to “hamaguri” (hard clam). They are named after sea staghorn, called “miru” in Japanese, often found on the siphon that stick out of the shell.

They are not so well known but the market price is the highest among the bivalves. Sometimes the price per nigiri is even higher than “otoro” (fatty belly of tuna) because only the siphon is used for sushi.

“True they are expensive, but I always get them when the good ones are out since they have everything I look for in shellfish, the taste, the scent, the crunchiness. Especially, those in the spring have firm siphons and very delicious.”

This day Mr. Ichijo chose mirugai from Okayama. The master dips the siphon in hot water to bring out sweetness before making into sushi.

It’s crunchy and crispy when you bite and at the same time fresh scent of the sea breeze tickles your nose while elegant sweetness spreads slowly on your tongue.