“The World of Edomae Sushi”March③Aoyagi

Aoyagi(surf clam)

Enjoyable texture and aroma like flower

“Aoyagi” is shucked meat of shellfish called “baka-gai” (surf clam). The name comes from Aoyagi in Ichihara city of Chiba prefecture where bakagai used to be gathered for shipping.

It is still one of the Edomae sushi favorites although more and more sushi restaurants hesitate to serve aoyagi sushi because it is very difficult to cook them.

“Aoyagi doesn’t go well with nigiri, raw or overcooked. Basically, I cook them with hot salt water, but must not bring to boil. I put my hand in the hot water to stir the calms, paying close attention to the temperature. When too hot, cool it down with some ice. This process is just difficult. When it is successfully completed, the clams become hornlike shape and taste sweet.”

Aoyagi beautifully cooked with ‘horn’ has just right firm texture. Fresh aroma like blooming flower spreads in your mouth and a smile on your face.