“The World of Edomae Sushi”March②Shirauo (Icefish)

Shirauo (Icefish)

Wrap with sakura leaves and steam for the rich aroma

“Shirauo” (icefish) are little fish that belong to salmoniformes salangidae, live in brackish waters where fresh water and seawater meet. Biologically they are close to “ayu” (sweetfish) or “shishamo” (smelt). Their best season is winter but used as spring sushi ingredient in Edomae sushi because shirauo fishing at Sumida River was a spring event in the old days.

“Shirauo let us enjoy the season. I steam them with sakura leaves to add aroma for the guests to feel spring. The taste is simple itself so I put ‘oboro’ (shrimp or fish flakes) in between and wrap with ‘kanpyo’ (dried shavings of calabash, cooked and flavored),” says Mr. Ichijo.

Oboro adds mild sweetness to the sakura scented Shirauo and kanpyo works as an accent to balance it all perfectly. It tastes as fresh as spring you may want to keep eating forever.