“The World of Edomae Sushi”January① Hirame(Sole)

Kan-birame of Aomori is at its best in January

“Hirame” is one of white fish that stands out in Edomae sushi, lives in the wide range of area from Hokkaido all the way down to the southern part of Japan, Kyushu. They are seen all year round, for which are popularly farmed, but the most delicious are, without a doubt, the non-farmed ones, especially “kan-birame” that appears in the coldest January to February. Kan-birame caught in the cold sea of Aomori is definitely the master’s choice.

“Kan-birame of Aomori is beyond delicious in January. They are just the best. Not only that their fat is tasty, but also the quality of it. And the meat is thick, so the size of the meat and the rice ball are well balanced when made into sushi, looking beautiful,” says Mr. Takeshi Satake, the master of Sushi Satake.

The fish melts slowly and elegantly in your mouth, soft but not too soft, sweet and savory. You might even notice the flavor changes as you chew.