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SUSHI TERMS (08/01/2019)

NEW〈Tsukeru〉 To make nigiri sushi, or the whole movement of taking sushi rice from the rice bowl and making nigiri sushi together with a slice of fish. The word “tsukeru” means “to soak”, and the original form of Edomae sushi was “nare-zushi” made by “soaking” fish and rice in wooden bucket. So people used the […]

Posted 2019/08/01
“The World of Edomae Sushi”December,Featuring Sushi Nanba,Asagaya

Sushi Nanba,Asagaya One of the most popular restaurants in Tokyo with exceptional cost performance and three months waiting list. The master, Mr. Hidefumi Nanba, moved to another branch restaurant in Hibiya, so now young and talented Shunsuke Takaoka is in charge at Asagaya. dress  3-44-4 B1  Asagaya-Minami,Suginami-ku,Tokyo Tel 03-3391-3118 Open 【2 rotation system】 ①18:00~20:50 ②21:00~24:00 regular holiday Wednesday

Posted 2019/01/08
“The World of Edomae Sushi”About Sushi in December

In December “hon-maguro” (bluefin tuna), the king of Edomae sushi, become superbly delicious. Especially the taste and aroma of hon-maguro feeding on “surumeika” (Japanese flying squid) in the Tsugaru Strait could not be more delicious with high quality fat. “Nodoguro” (rosy seabass) and “sawara” (Spanish mackerel) are also very delicious. Nodoguro from the Sea of […]

Posted 2019/01/08
“The World of Edomae Sushi”About Sushi in November

There are a wide variety of sushi ingredients in November when you can enjoy both autumn and winter fish. “Akagai” (ark shell) and “mirugai” (horse clam) begin to appear on sushi menus and it is the best season for “hirame” (sole). Large fish such as “kue” (longtooth grouper) and “hata” (grouper) become nice and fatty. […]

Posted 2018/12/07
“The World of Edomae Sushi”November, Featuring Kizushi,Ningyo-cho

Kizushi,Ningyo-cho One of the top class sushi restaurants in Tokyo opened back in 1923 following the tradition of Yoheizushi, the original Edomae sushi restaurant. The third generation master who took over his father in 2018 serves outstanding sushi. Adress  2-7-13 Nihonbashi Ningyo-cho,Chuo-ku,Tokyo Japan Tel 03-3666-1682 Open [Monday~Friday] 11:45~14:30 17:00~21:30 [Saturday] 11:45~21:00 regular holiday Sunday & public holiday

Posted 2018/12/06
“The World of Edomae Sushi”October, Featuring Sushi Suzuki,Ginza

Sushi Suzuki,Ginza One of the most popular sushi restaurants in Ginza known for the selection of top class fish. The master, Mr. Takahisa Suzuki, is a true artisan who had trained at the famous Sushi Aoki for twelve years and has experience as a manager at the branch in Nishi-azabu. His beautiful work of nigiri […]

Posted 2018/11/07