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SUSHI TERMS (09/12/2018)

NEW〈Okomomi〉 A style of serving sushi, neither “omakase” (up to the chef style) nor “okimari” (fixed set), in which the guests choose sushi ingredients they prefer and order in however order they like. This was the standard style until about 20 years ago although rarely seen now that omakase has become more popular.   〈Okimari〉 […]

Posted 2018/09/12
“The World of Edomae Sushi”August③Kijihata (Red spotted grouper)

Kijihata (Red spotted grouper) Main fish of kaiseki cuisine “Kijihata” (red spotted grouper) is a small-sized grouper caught in the Seto Inland Sea and the Sea of Japan, not very familiar in the Kanto area but valued in Kansai. In Kyoto and Osaka, kijihata has a different name “akou” and equally valued as the precious […]

Posted 2018/09/09
“The World of Edomae Sushi”August②Kisu (Whiting)

Kisu (Whiting) Refreshing aroma like summer sea breeze “Kisu” (whiting) is a general term for fish in the Sillaginidae family of the order Percifomes. There are several kinds caught in the coast of Japan such as “hoshi-gisu” (trumpeter whiting) or “ao-gisu” (small scale whiting) but when they say kisu in Edomae sushi it indicates “shiro-gisu” […]

Posted 2018/09/09
“The World of Edomae Sushi”August①Shima-aji (Striped jack)

Shima-aji (Striped jack) Unbelievably rich taste for white fish “Shima-aji” (striped jack) is the king of summer white fish. A lot of fat but no fishiness, the elegant and light taste is very attractive. Especially wild-caught shima-aji is considered the most valuable in the market as well. “Definitely non-farmed, without a doubt,” says the master […]

Posted 2018/09/09
“The World of Edomae Sushi” About Sushi in August

August is when fish that live in the warm seas of subtropical and temperate zones, such as “shima-aji” (striped jack), “hiramasa” (yellowtail amberjack), “kanpachi” (greater amberjack) become very delicious. Especially non-farmed shima-aji is highly valued, storing rich nutrients before the spawning season, often said to be the best of summer white fish. “Shinko” (baby konoshiro […]

Posted 2018/09/09
“The World of Edomae Sushi”August, Featuring Sushi Watanabe,Yotsuya-Arakicho

Sushi Watanabe,Yotsuya-Arakicho Top class popular sushi restaurant in Yotsuya, Arakicho, one of the very competitive areas for fine sushi restaurants. The master, Mr. Masayasu Watanabe, has training experience at a traditional Japanese restaurant in Kyoto. His exceptional knife technique, great sense, and the best quality ingredients the master looks for himself all around Japan go […]

Posted 2018/09/07